Vasilis Express


About Us

With four locations Vasilis keeps doing it and doing it and doing it well! Vasilis Express has Mega Wraps, Dinners and Daily Fish Fry, conveniently located at 1900 Hertel Ave and 1066 Elmwood Ave if you’re looking for an afternoon lunch or an evening downtown. We’re open late for those taking in the entertainment, theatre and nightlife of Allentown and downtown Buffalo.

You can always start a super special day with the breakfast Skillets at Vasilis Restaurant centrally located at 302 Main St, a casual dining, family restaurant serving Greek and American cuisine. Breakfasts, Sandwiches and Desserts. If fish is your favorite dish Vasilis has your wish with the Fish Fry Daily.

1066 Elmwood Ave

(716) 886-4976
Mon – Wed : 11 A.M – 2:30 A.M
Thu – Fri : 11 A.M – 5:30 A.M
Sat – Sun : 11 A.M – 2:30 A.M

Save time – order online!

1526 Main St

(716) 436-3533
Mon – Sun: 8 A.M – 3 P.M

Save time – order online!

“The best falafel I've ever had.”

Salads, grape leaves, Greek fries, chicken hoagie, and the best falafel I’ve ever had. Amazing hours as well! You need to try this place!

“It's all delicious!”

They have the best burgers, fries, milkshakes, chicken gyros etc. Whatever you order on the menu, you can not go wrong! A burger with fries usually ranges from $7-$11 depending on what you put on your burger. It’s all delicious!

“The best late night eats available”

These are some of the best late night eats available. Their fries are some of the best fries I’ve ever had. If you’re bored of normal fries they have a whole assortment of poutine offshoots you can try out instead. Not to mention the staff has ALWAYS been fun and attentive and a blast to talk to whilst you eat.